Bhangarh, The Haunted Fort.

When it comes to ghost and haunted places we all want to see and experience it. In my quest of experiencing ghost and haunted place, during my latest visit to Jaipur, Rajasthan I visited Bhangarh Fort. It is said to be, one of the most haunted places in India.

Around 83 Kilometer from the capital town of Jaipur, Bhangarh Fort lies on the perfect backdrop of three mountains. We reached Bhangarh, at around 8:30 in the morning after 2-hour drive from Jaipur, expecting no one will be there, but a number of cars were already parked outside the gate.

The Bhangarh Fort is now a historical site under the control of ASI. The Bhangarh fort has a two-tier wall or boundary. After crossing the first tier wall or boundary through the rusted gated you get into town area or public area of Bhangarh. Now the road has been paved and takes you across ruin deserted residential and market area of Bhangarh. There are few Peepal trees with thick trunks and hanging roots which will surely take you to hustle and bustling days of Bhangarh.

The second gate takes you inside the royal enclosure, this is the gate no one cross after sunset and before sunrise. And all the spooky things happened behind this gate.  On the right, you will find Ganapati temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. But no Idol of Goddess is seated and no prayer offering is done presently.

Behind this temple beneath the slope of the mountain lies the Ruins of Bhangarh Fort. During the hay days of the fort it was seven storey, but now only four floors are left and top three floors have dilapidated. There is pool like structure on the fort where Queen used to bath. At the peak of the mountain, left of fort lays a dome-like structure where the black magician used to live. Now the fort is inhabited by the bats and Stinks a lot.

There are two stories related to Bhangarh Fort. The first one was about Guru Bhalunath. When the king was building Fort, Guru Bhalunath has warned the king that the shadow of the fort shall not fall in his area. But the king ignored. But, as soon as the shadows touched his areas, he cursed the village and the Bhangarh fort was never built and the fort gradually started to demolish.

And other, the most popular,  is about Princess Ratnavati and Black Magician. During those days in the Bhangarh, there used to live a Black Magician, Singha on the peak of the mountain who was madly in love with Princess Ratnavati. Once princess had sent her maid to market to buy ether (perfume). The Black Magician show the maid in the market buying ether for the princess. The black Magician did Black Magic on the ether such that when the princess will apply it, she will come under the control of Black Magician. When the Princess show the ether she came to know about Black Magician and his Black Magic. Without spending much time she threw the ether on the stone and the stone went flying and hit the Magician, and the magician died. But before dying the Magician gave curse that the fort will get destroyed. And overnight the fort got destroyed and subsequently, the Mughals attacked the fort. Now it is said the ghost of the Princess and Black Magician wander in the fort.

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