Getting in and around Hampi.

HAMPI The ruins of Vijayanagara Empire is spread across 26 Sq Km. There are many ways in which you can explore Hampi.

Hampi by Tuk-tuk or Auto rickshaw

In India, tuk-tuk or auto rickshaw is one of the common modes of transportation. Everywhere in India, you can find it. When we alighted down from the bus at Hampi, we found a bunch of Tuk-tuk drivers with a map on their hand, and everyone trying to give us ride and get business. Showing the map they say they can take us to any place of our choice. But we were not in a hurry, we were in an intention to get to our hotel at first.

If you want to stay in another side of river Tungabhadra you don’t need to rent a tuk-tuk, ask which way to follow and walk down to river bank passing through the Hampi Bazaar. It’s hardly one and a half Kilometer Walk. If you are staying in some other area like Kamalapur then take a tuk-tuk it will take Rs 100.00 or enquire with bus driver they will drop you for Rs. 7.00. We were staying at Clarks Inn so we took so we took a tuk-tuk for Rs. 100.00.

For getting around Hampi if you take a tuk-tuk for a whole day the driver will charge you from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000. Some tuk-tuk driver insists you to hire tuk-tuk saying Vithalla Temple is 26 Km. Yes, Vithalla Temple is 26 Km if you go by road. But 2 to 3 KM if you go by cycle or walking.

By Moped

To get around Hampi, the moped is one more option. Mopeds are available for rent at Hampi Bazar near Virupaksha temple. The numbers of mopeds available are very less so the probability of getting moped is also very less. So it’s best to book your moped a day before. But if you search for moped on the other side of the river you may get it easily. Hampi Bazaar is the place where you can find the moped for around Rs. 400.00 per day. And you can fill the petrol and ride as much as you can.

By Cycle

Cycle, eco-friendly and the best mode of communication in Hampi. Rent a cycle and move in and around Hampi, it’s not at a hard task. There are plenty of shops at Hampi Bazaar where you can rent a cycle. Also, plenty of options are available for hiring the cycle like geared and non-geared. The owner will also adjust the seat as per your requirement and rent you the cycle. Non geared cycle are available for about Rs. 150.00 per day and geared cycles are available for about Rs. 500.00 per day. We got a non-geared for Rs. 150.00 per day. We booked 2 cycles for 2 days Rs. 600.00. That was not a bad deal. And if you are lucky enough then you may get some discounts.

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