How we hired a Self Drive Car in Sri Lanka

Do you love to go on long drives? Do you love to go for Road Trip?

I Do.

And this time I took a long, road trip in a beautiful country, the “Pearl of Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka.

This was the first time I was visiting Sri Lanka along with my better half. And we plan to take a road trip in Sri Lanka in self-drive Car. A lot of research was done online by us, for hiring a self-drive car. Over the internet there are lots of blogs, vlog, reviews and recommendation for hiring a self-drive car. We found many companies offering the self-drive rental car in Sri Lanka. We choose MALKEY RENT-A-CAR. Malkey is best in the service and they are among the top player in the country. And they provide clean and well-maintained car.

Legal Requirements

Driving legally in Sri Lanka is the most important thing. There is no age restriction for driving in Sri Lanka. But in Sri Lanka International Driving License and license of your home country is not valid. Sri Lankan law requires an International Driving License that is under the Geneva Convention of Motor Traffic of 1949 or the Vienna Convention of Motor Traffic of 1968 issued by the Automobile Association (AA) or the Motor Vehicle Licensing Authority of each country. Some International Licenses will require endorsement by the Automobile Association (AA) of Sri Lanka which is available over the counter.

Foreign National / Country, provincial or regional licenses are not valid in Sri Lanka. Foreign or regional license holders have to by Sri Lankan Motor Traffic Law to obtain a Temporary Sri Lankan Driving license over the counter from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Sri Lanka.

For us, Malkey assisted us to endorse our Indian driving License by the Automobile Association (AA) of Sri Lanka prior to arrival in Srilanka. And they are best in the job, that made our trip hassle-free.

Driving Conditions in Sri Lanka.

The vehicles in Sri Lanka are Right Hand Drive. Traffic conditions can be more challenging. The congestion eases out as you move away from the city. The speed limit in Sri Lanka is 40km/h in the city and urban areas for motorcycles and heavy vehicles and 60km/h for cars and light vehicles. Beyond the city, the limit is 40km/h for motorbikes, 60km/h for motor coaches and heavy vehicles, and 70km/h for cars and light vehicles. On the Expressways, the speed limit is 100km/h. Motorcycles are not permissible on the expressway. Driving while on the mobile phone and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol carry fines and court action. Seatbelts are mandatory for the driver and the front passenger and recommended for rear passengers.

Required documents

Drivers must ensure to possess a valid driving license, the insurance card/document and the revenue license (tax disc) as required by law. In addition, a valid passport or Identification document will be required at the point of hiring a car.

Our Experience

Our experience doing a road trip in Srilanka is amazing and memorable. During the trip we stopped everywhere and anywhere we feel like doing. Srilanka is a beautiful country in a different shade of green. The roads are crazy and traffic is more in the urban area. The busses are mad, they just want to kill you. But people have good traffic sense than India.

The road condition is good across the country. But the roads don’t have divider, divided by just white marking. The police are all across the road to grab if you break traffic rules and over speed.

Malkey is best in the service and they are among the top player in the country. The best thing they upgrade us to Sedan (Automatic) from Hatch back (Automatic). They provided us clean and well-maintained car. If you are car lover, then Malkey is good place to explore some vintage car. They have collection of vintage car.