by Sangeeta P.

Sometimes its good to get lost and wander off exploring. Even though traveling was never in my league but still I was open to experience the world which has bestowed for all of us to see and get immersed in the depth of the rich history, the colors, the customs and the traditions of the extremely beautiful city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Even if it was a very short stay of just 2 whole days I guarantee you would never get bored even for a second exploring this place. The oldest and perhaps the only living fort of the world is worth visiting. The tall structures the narrow and perplexing galleries would take you to a whole new world the strong defense around the fort itself shows the glorious past of the Indian Rajputana kings. It would be best to take a local guide for visiting the fort, the palace and the beautiful Jain temples inside the fort. They charge you just Rs. 200-300. They are always available during tourist visiting hours

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The second day was really adventurous. We rented a motorbike for Rs 700 for a whole day and visited the outskirts of Jaisalmer. We had a nice view of Kuldhara, the haunted village. It is abandoned and is said to be haunted during the nights. All the houses are ruined with the absence of roofs and just the walls stand except for a temple that has a roof and daily prayers are offered by the locals for the wandering spirits. These are just folklores we heard after visiting the place. Then we visited the Cenotaphs in Bada Bagh, the sunset points and back to our stay for the desert safari.

Then we headed off for the adventurous camel ride in the Thar desert. We had expected a desert-like Thar but we were taken to a part of Thar desert, Sam desert so was a bit disappointed for not seeing a real desert but our disappointment simply took over by the view of the beauty of the sunset from the dunes of Sam. I would have never missed a single day to see that breathtaking view if I were Rajasthan for more than 2 days. After the sunset does enjoy a beautiful Gala night in the desert, entertained by beautiful local dancers and musicians of Jaisalmer. They heartily welcome you with the famous folk song  “ Kesaria Balam Aao Ni Padharo Hamare Des”. So what are you waiting for simply dive into !!!!

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  1. Excellent photography. As I was reading, vivid images were flashing before me. Writing is 👌👌 awesome. Good keep it up and stay blessed.

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