Kelingking ‘T-Rex’

Nusa Penida is an amazing island; with amazing views, receive very less number of tourists as compared to other Balinese Island. The cliff, which looks like Tyrannosaurus Rex at Kelingking Secret Point Beach, is a crowd favorite. The Instagram famous Kellinking Cliff is one of the most clicked cliffscapes.

Tyrannosaurus Rex.

About 20 Kilometer Southwest of island harbor Toyapakey lies the Kelingking Beach. The road to this place is not in a good shape and the best way to reach Kelingking is by Scooter. When you reach the harbor of NusaPennida, Toyapakeh (or staying in NusaPennida for a couple of days) rent a scooter and ride to Kelingking Beach. We rented for 60,000.00 IDR per day (i.e. roughly around 4.00 $ per day) for 2 days fuel extra.

The best time to visit Kelingking is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, the midday remains flooded with tourist. We got the opportunity to visit late in the afternoon and lucky enough to see the sunset.

When we reached there we were amazed and speechless by the beautiful cliffscape. And looking down some 400 meters to the beach, gave us feeling of being a human drone.

Drone view of Kelinking Beach.

Visiting Kelingking Cliff is worthless unless you trek down to the beach. Less than half of tourists trek down to the beach. Trekking down to the beach is not for faint hearted, a lot of stamina required. Trekking on the spine of Tyrannosaurus Rex is amazing and once in lifetime opportunity for most of them who do it. Trek down to the beach is very much dangerous, in few places trail is as steep as 90 degree, which will give you feel of rock climbing. The trail is secured by the bamboo railing, made by locals. It always gives a sense of insecurity, but be careful and watch where you step and enjoy the beautiful view.

Trail down to Keylinking Beach.
Wood railing securing trail.
Trail down to Keylinking Beach.
Trail down to Keylinking Beach.
As you approach Keylingking Beach.
Don’t Worry Be Sexy. This is how you are welcomed to Keylinking Beach.

Once you reach down to the beach you will feel lucky, for being able to witness such a beautiful earth’s creation. A beautiful, untouched and serene beach. You will feel the madness and joy in you and the worth of trekking down to the beach and the difference if you haven’t.

The waves on the beach are rough and currents are strong. If you feel you can’t pull yourself out of the waves then you should not go in, definitely not for the novice. But the beach is a cool place for surfers if you can carry the surfboat up and down.

Keylinking Beach.
Keylinking Beach.

On the edge of the beach, there is a small but thick jungle. Ever since I visited I am wondering how amazing it will be spending the night on a hammock in the wilderness with the starlit twinkling sky, enjoying the bonfire with your best buddies and beer. Away from all the worries of the earth.

Pristine Water.
Pristine water.
Waves not for novice, at Keylinking Beach.
Sand and sunshine.

If you are visiting late in the afternoon, make sure your scooter or moped headlamps is alive. When we were returning to harbor (we were staying close to Harbor), after sunset we met a couple from Europe in the dusk, somewhere in midst of a jungle with the dead headlamp. We escorted, riding behind them for a couple of Kilometers till we found the civilization and a truck to drive behind them.