Key Monastery

Key Monastery or Key Gompa lies some 15 Kilometers northwest of Kaza. Standing tall in a hillock, beside a high mountain ridge the Key monastery has become the landmark of Spiti Valley.

The Key Monastery is the biggest monastery of the Spiti Valley and has around 250 in house Buddhist Monks. The Key Monastery belongs to the Gelugpa sect and is an important place of learning for Buddhism. The monastery was built by Dromtön (Brom-ston, 1008-1064 CE), a pupil of the famous teacher, Atisha, in the 11th century. The walls of the monastery have beautiful paintings and murals. It also has the influence of 14th-century monastic architecture, which shows a relation with Chinese. Key Monastery has a rare collection of ancient murals and books. The books here are a great source of learning monks in Key Monastery. And it has become an important place of learning.

On our visit to Key Monstery, we saw Monk’s engage in their daily activities, prayers, and schooling. And it gave us a reflection of their life and way of living. And if you love to stay at the monastery to experience the hospitality and the way of living, rooms are available in the monastery for Rs. 200.00 per night including meals. And meals served are cooked by resident monks.

Key Monastery
Key Monastery
View from Key Monastery, village around agriculture land.
Spiti River
Monk at Key Monastery

How to get there?

Key Monastery lies at a distance of 15 Kilometers from Kaza. From Kaza hired taxi are easily available for Key Monastery but fares are high in Spiti, as fuel are ferried from the plains and tourism is the only source of income. If you love riding bikes, then rent a bike from Kaza Market and ride to Key Monastery. And also explore every mountain of Spiti, but be safe with harsh cold weather and ride safely and responsibly.

Best Time Visit.

Best time to visit Key Monastery or Spiti is from May to October. During other parts of year, the road remains closed due to snowfall.


The wildlife is very rare in Spiti Ibex, Blue sheep, Red Fox, and Snow Leopard are found. The Ibex and Blue sheep are herbivorous and are seen grazing along the mountains ridges. Red Foxs are visible at dusk when they come out. But lucky one only gets chance to see Snow Leopard. Snow Leopards generally remains at high snow-covered peaks away from human civilization. They are very good at camouflaging themselves with snow and mountain ridges.

Places to visit near Key Monastery

Chicham Bridge– Chicham bridge is located near Village of Chicham Khas and it is the Asia highest suspension bridge, approximately 100 meters long hanging across 1000 ft. deep gorge.

Langza  – Known as fossil Village. And it houses a huge statue of Buddha looking down to the valley.

Hikkim– Hikkim is a village with the World’s highest Post office at a height of 14,567 feet with pin code is 172114. 

Komic – Komic is the highest Asian village connected with a motorable road.

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