Nusa Penida Day 2

We woke up early and went for a scooter ride towards the east of the Island to see the sun rising up. We saw the sun rising beautifully from the sea far in the horizon. Also, we got clicked some beautiful silhouettes with Scoopy our ride.
While returning we got to see how people of the island are engaged in their day to day work. Also, we got some food supplies we needed while exploring the island.
After having Mie Goreng and juice in breakfast we started our day 2 of exploring Penida. Already we were in love ridding Scoopy and were riding it up and down the hills of the island. When we started from our hotel we felt we should refuel our Scoopy, but when we went to the fuel station we found it to be closed. On enquiring, we found that fuel tanker has not arrived on the island and there is a shortage of fuel on the island. So we went to a roadside shop and purchased fuel at black, by paying a higher price.

Nusa Penida has gained popularity in recent time mostly from Instagram and very few numbers of tourist or traveler come to this island, the roads are very much patchy in the distant corner of the island, special roads leading to Pasih Andus, Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong, Keylingking T-rex.

Crystal Bay

Our first destination was crystal bay, some 15 KM from the harbor. Crystal Bay is a white sand beach in the middle jungle of palm tree. Crystal Bay is a beautiful place to relax, swim or snorkel on Penida

The Crystal Bay.
Shacks and people at Crystal Bay.
Serene Turquoise water at Crystal Bay.

Pasih Andus

On our way to Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong, we took a detour and went to Pasih Andus. Pasih Andus is a magnificent creation of nature, a small cove of turquoise water. Sometimes you may also see tortoise coming out of the water. Only a handful of people come to this place, so if you are traveling leisurely it is beautiful place kill time, play some guitar and make some music and write down your travel stories. A beautiful getaway for the hippy tribe.

The Pasih Andus cove.
The Pasih Andus if your stars are good you can also see turtle.
The mouth of Pasih Andus cove.
View from Pasih Andus, Peace and Silence.

Broken Beach

Local calls it Pasih Uug, which means Broken beach or Damage Beach in Balinese Language Bhasa. Broken Beach is a magical creation of nature. Over the time nature has eroded herself and has created this beautiful cove, with an arch-like structure on the entrance of cove. The arch-like(natural archway) structure forms a natural bridge over the water which gushes in and out of the cave.

Earlier Broken beach used to be a cave. With time the roof of the cave collapsed, whereas the roof at the entrance was left intact. Thus forming natural archway or bridge which is seen today. There is a small beach down at the edge of the Broken Beach but there is no way down to the beach inside the cove, thus nature protects itself from human interference.

The Arch Structure of Broken Breach
View of Broken Beach.

Angel’s Billabong.

Nature’s own infinity pool, Angel’s Billabong. The Billabong is nature’s magical creation. For thousands of years, nature has curved and erode itself to form this Infinity pool. Locals say this is the place where Angels used to take bath. Angels Billabong is a tidal pool and during the low tide, one can take a dip in it. When we visited it was middle of the day and tide was low and I was lucky to take the dip. But during the high tide, the scene is quite different as huge waves, hits the edges with all its force. During high tide, edges are very dangerous that wave can pull anyone into the ocean.

Take a dip in Angel’s Billabong.
Edges of Angel’s Billabong.

Keylingking T-rex and Keylingking Beach

The Keyling king Beach is famous for T-rex. Keyling T-rex is a cliffscape which looks like Diansour T-rex. Visiting Keyling King is worthless unless you hike down to the beach. Hiking down on the spine of T-rex is not for faint hearts. Hike to the beach is exhausting and adventurous, it requires a lot of stamina and patience. The Hike is steep as much as 90 degrees and trail is secured by wooden railings and ropes. But once you are down you will be treated with beautiful, untouched and serene beach, and you will feel madness in you and joy of getting down. However, the waves are rough and dangerous for a novice. If you arrive late in the afternoon wait till sunset, it will be once in a lifetime moment, memory to cherish forever.

The Keylingking T-rex.
Keylingking Beach.

For more about Kelingking T-rex and Keliking Beach.

Where did we stay.

We were staying close to Toyapakeh Harbor,Wani Bali Resort, a small but wonderful resort with cottage type accommodation . The room was not very expensive, but clean and cozy with Air condition. The resort also have pool in the middle where you can take a dip after long exhausting day exploring Penida.

Hangout space in the garden of Resort.
Thats the view of our cottage from pool.
Having breakfast at our stay

Departing Penida

Obviously, it will come to your mind where shall you go from Penida. You can either return back to Bali in a fast boat or take a small boat or dingy to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Cennigan. And your choice will be Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Cennigan.

Just before boarding boat to Lembongan.
The small boat which took us to Lembongan.
Here is the first view of Yellow Bridge from boat.

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