The Fossil Village of Langza

The village of Langza lies around 15 Km away from Kaza, capital of Spiti. The twisting and bending roads, hanging on the mountain ridges of Himalaya leads to Langza.

Langza has an ancient monastery that has the foundation some 500-year-old. The prehistoric remains are found in Langza and hence it is known as the Fossil Village of Langza.

Langza is famous for the huge statue of Buddha overlooking the valley. Legend says this statue Buddha in golden color is around 1000 year old. The statue of Buddha has become a major place for astrophotography and star trail photography. The village is divided into two part, Langza Yongama(lower) and Langza Gongma(upper) and the population of Langza is around 130.

Buddha overlooking the valley.

Settle in the midst of snow-capped mountains, the people of Langza are in their fields during summer. During summer the Langza turns in green pasture of barley and water from melting snow feed them. Cattles are precious possession for people of Langza. And during summer they take cattle out for grazing. Cattle during winter provides milk and meats.

Winter in Langza is long and harsh, the temperature falls below zero degree Celsius. Langza gets snowfalls in winter and everything gets covers with a blanket of snow. And life becomes slow and difficult, people mostly stay back in the house. Winter months are time to reap for hard work. Cattles remains in their pen in winter and are fed with dry grasses. Also, winter is the time for festivals and wedding.

Where to Stay?

With the recent influence of social media, Langza is experiencing the rush tourist and travelers. Villagers have turned their houses into a homestay and have opened their doors for accommodation and foods for travelers. Staying at a homestay with local give chance to experience their amazing hospitality and learn more about the people. Staying at a homestay’s are pocket-friendly and help the local economy to grow. Astro Photography of the milky way and star trail with Buddha’s statue of Langza are photographers delight. And hence travelers and photographer come and stay in Langza.

How to get there?

Langza is around 15 Kilometers from Kaza. Roads are uneven and the terrain is difficult. There is also a number of tiny stream crossing fed with melting snow. Taxis are available from Kaza for the Fossil Village of Langza. Taxi fares are high in Spiti, as fuel is ferried from long distance from plains during summer and tourism is the only source of income. If you love riding bikes, then rent a bike (available in Kaza Market) and ride to Langza. And also explore every mountain every valley of Spiti, but be safe with cold weather and ride safely and responsibly. On the way, you can also visit Key Monastery. Komic, Hikkim, and Chicham are other places to visit.

My experience.

I took the opportunity to unleash the biking spirit in me. And rented a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X for Rs. 1300.00 from Kaza Market. It also gave me an opportunity to refuel in the world highest retail outlet. Traversing the bends over the dusty track I went to Langza. The distance from Kaza to Langza is around 15 Km, few parts of the road are laid with Tarmac while most are dusty track. The road has many water crossing which is feed with melting snow.

Riding around Langza.

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