The haunted village of Kuldhara

Some 19 km North-West of Jaisalmer lies Khuldhara village which is said to be haunted. On our visit to Jaisalmer, we dare to visit this village. We did not find anything haunted but definitely, it gave us goosebumps.

Many tales are linked with Khuldhara. One of the eerie tales which is more prominent is said to be some 200-250 years old. The village of Kuldhara was once a hustling and bustling village of around 400 houses, of Pali Brahmin caste.

Ruins of Kuldhara Village.
A temple in side the Kuldhara Village.

Villagers of this region were living in the shadow of terror of atrocities of Salim Singh. Salim Singh (People often used to call him Zalim Singh) was one of the ministers of King of Jaisalmer. Once he went to visit Kuldhara when his eye fell on a beautiful girl. Mesmerizing by her beauty a proposal was sent to marry her. Pali Brahmin considering themselves to be of higher caste rejected the proposal. In support of decision and fear of Salim Singh entire village was abounded in a single night. When Salim Singh came to know that the village has been abandoned, he tried to trace them, but all his effort went vain. And till today nobody knows where they went.

While abandoning they left their belongings back, cursing the village, that no one could ever settle in this village. And since then no one has ever settled here.

Many people have given witnesses of paranormal activities at night, like the sound of tinkling anklet and screaming of girl.

Now this place is developed as a tourism site by Rajasthan Tourism and no one is allowed to enter here after sunset.

A Local we meet at Kuldhara.
Ruins of Kuldhara Village.
Path way across ruins of Kuldhara Village.
Visitor at Kuldhara.
Some deserted house.
Our ride from Jaisalmer.

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