Trekking Volcanic Mount Batur


The Alarm in my mobile rang. I woke up, it’s 01:50 Hrs. In less than 10 minutes someone from reception knocked on the door to call me. In less then 5 minutes I took my backpack and went down and found someone waiting for me. Sitting on the staircase, his face was barely visible with the light enlighten from mobile to which he was glued. He was van driver he was there to take me Mount Batur Trek. We exchanged few conversations and I paid him balance amount (50,000 IDR) for the trek. I was the first one to board the van. We started to hop from one hotel to another around the dark street of UBUD to gather the rest of the group members.

When the van got completely filled we hit the highway for Mount Batur. Driving through the dark corner of Ubud and quickly passing Tegallanlg rice terrace we reached a coffee plantation. There we halted for with black coffee and banana pancake. Again we hit the road to Mount Batur base.

Upon reaching the base of Mount Batur we met our guide. Guide oriented us for the trek and distributed us flashlight and breakfast packet.

We started trekking. It was 4 O’clock and the sun was about to rise in less than 2 hours. Initially, the trek was easy passing through some fields and losing ground, which was less slippery.

We reached halfway, from where trekking becomes more difficult and steeper.

The Mount Batur is an active Volcano with 3 craters. We reached the second crater, which is below the first crater. Then the guide gave us the option to either we can climb to the top or stop here for sunrise. Out of 11, 9 of us opted to go further. From 2nd crater climbs got steeper and more slippery due to the loose sandy ground. After climbing for 20 minutes we reached the top. From where we waited for the sun to rise.

The sun started to rise; far in the horizon, we can see Mount Rinjani, a volcano on the other island of Lombok.

Smoke coming out from Mount Agung, Which is also another volcanic mountain and highest mountain in Bali.
First ray of sun, Sun rising far in the Horizon.
As the Sun rise up the cloud came and covered every thing.

Far in the horizon we also saw Mount Agung, forming beautiful silhouette with orange rays of the sun and low moving cloud added beauty to it. Mount Agung is the highest in Bali, Holiest (for Balinese) and last erupted in July 2018.

Mount Batur last erupted in the year 2000, when a new (3rd) crater was formed but no lava has come out. The substantial lava field from the 1968 eruption is visible today when viewed from Kintamani, a town on the southwest ridge of the caldera.

How to book Mount Batur Sunrise Trek.

There are numbers of companies in the business and their agents have set their office in and around Ubud. From any of this office, you can book the trek for 300,000 IDR to 350,000 IDR. There are few agencies from whom you can book online but I found them dearer.


The Pretty Woman. I don’t remember her name (Nuah or Luwak).

The guide.

The girl, the guide who took us for Mount Batur trek. She is 25, Balinese, very skillfully guided us through the slippery trail to the summit. Not only she guided us to the summit but also to the base. Earlier she used to work in the field, which was very much difficult due to scorching sun and low rainfall. Now she works as a guide every day in the morning. She wakes up 2 in the morning work as a guide and takes nap whole day.
Somehow I feel jealous of her stress-free life.

One of the Crater of Mount Batur.
For those who want to celebrate the Climb.
View from Mount Batur.
View from Mount Batur. Clouds Covering the civilization down at the base of Mount Batur.
View from Mount Batur. Clouds Covering the civilization down at the base of Mount Batur.
Hoards of people on the Mount Batur to see Sun rise.
Hoards of people on the Mount Batur to see Sun rise.
View from top, Clouds covering everything.
A small Hillock from beautiful silhouette.
Mount Agung, the highest mountain of Bali.
Mount Agung, the highest mountain of Bali.

Hiker on the top of Mount Batur.
View from Mount Agung.


There are places in these worlds, which are adorably beautiful, full of bliss and peace beyond mine. I would have regretted if I had not trekked Mount Batur.

The beautiful Mount Batur, on a cloudy day. View from Kintamani.