Adieu, Leh!

We bid farewell Leh after an amazing experience of the capital of Ladakh. And moved to our next destination Tsomoriri Lake. Located at a distance of 240 KM Leh. Like every day we started early in the morning. Just when we have moved some distance we queried our drive how much time it will take to reach.

“It’s 7 o’clock we will reach Tsomoriri at around 3 and a half in the afternoon”, He replied.

Traveling around 15 KM to the outskirt of the Leh we took a detour at Druk Padma Karpo School. This school is not like any other school but it has received fame after it has appeared in a Bollywood film “3 Idiot”. But the school has received many awards in international before appearing in the film. The most fascinating feature is the architecture of the school material used were locally available and the least impact on the environment. Natural ventilation and passive solar heating we used to minimize energy use and emission.

In the year 2010, two cloudbursts have taken place in Leh, and the school has suffered heavy damages.

Well, now the school has moved on and run a visitor center and Rancho’s café. The visitor guide will show you the location of “3Idiot”.

After traveling for 47 KM Leh-Manali highway along river Indus we reached Upshi. Upshi is a small village but a major junction from where road diverges into two, one for Manali via Sarchu and Jispa and other in the left takes to Tsomoriri. Well, it was morning and we treated our hungry tummy and our taste bud at with some mouth-watering momos at Upshi.

This is the summer time in the Ladakh and it is the season when people do their construction work. Ladakis were busy everywhere in building roads and houses. There is nothing more on the way to TsoMoriri. Midway there is a bridge over river Indus called Mahe Bridge. Nothing is special about this bridge the only thing is it is 3 Idiots shooting point.

After traveling for half day we reached Changthang. We halted there for lunch in makeshift Dhabba Leaving the Changthang we moved towards our destination on the way we passed across another lake called Tso. One thing you will find in this reason in this Changthang plateau is Nomadic people everywhere. These Nomadic people belong from Changpa Tribe and engaged in Sheep rearing. They rear a particular type of sheep called Pashmina Sheep and make Pashmina Shawl from wool.

Tso Moriri is not a much-visited place. Less than half of tourist come here Tso Moriri still lies untouched, unperturbed … Virgin! Tso Moriri is not thronged by even half the number of tourists that Pangong gets every year. And that’s where we were heading – off the beaten track!

The untouched lake.
Sit and walk on the shore, forget everything in life.
The vegetation around the lake.

Tso Moriri or Lake Moriri or “Mountain Lake”, is a lake in the Ladakhi part of the Changthang Plateau in Jammu and Kashmir in Northern India. The lake and surrounding area are protected as the Tso Moriri Wetland Conservation Reserve. The Tsomiriri was notified in November 2002 under the List of Ramsar Wetland sites under the Ramsar Convention.

Due to Ramasar site the lake have enclosure to protect fragile flora and fauna.
Stroll around the lake.

On the shore of Tso Moriri Lake, a village named Korzok is settled, which is connected to the outside world (or district Headquarter) by weekly bus service. The village doesn’t have a permanent electricity supply, the village electricity supply for a few hours in the evening from the generator.

The village of Korzok is also house to  Drukpa Buddhist Korzok Monastery.

Korzok Village.
Villager of Korzok, at work because it is summer.
They posed for me.

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